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Many K1 fiance visa applicants don't understand, or know, how the US State Department uses the information found in your social media account(s) to make a decision in issuing (or denying) a visa. Form DS-5535 is being used more frequently in the screening process, and failure to provide the requested info can most likely lead to a denial of the visa, and any future requests for a visa, regardless of category. What do they look for? The US State Department is not divulging a clear "list" of what they look for, but there are several things that YOU can look at, and fix, to help you pass through this step in the screening process.

-Are you in a relationship and trying to obtain a K1 or CR1 visa? If you are, you should update your profile to reflect that.

-Do you have pictures of you and your significant other on your social media page(s)? If you don't, now might be a good time to update that social media profile!

-What type of groups are you in on social media? If it's not a group close to home, or it is not a group you benefit from, or worse, it's a dating group and you're attempting to get a K1 or CR1 visa, again, it's time to clean up your page!!

-Friends: do you have thousands of "friends" in countries you've never been to, and people you've never met? Again...time to clean your page, as this will be looked at.

-Your pictures: If you're attempting to get a K1 or CR1, do you have hundreds of members of the opposite sex commenting on your pictures? Crude or obscene comments? Better clean that up as well.

-Chats: Do you engage in chatting with strangers from across the world? Many times, these chats turn obscene or downright vulgar, with lewd pictures, images and comments being exchanged. Clean it up!!! Now!!!

-Facebook: How many profiles do you have? More than one? Why?? Multiple profiles can most likely bite you in the butt, as it shows that you might be hiding something.

If you think that the government cannot view your social media, or if you think you're going to outsmart them and conceal an account, you will most likely be headed for heartache and tears. Furthermore, you could end up on the banned list, unable to get a visa for a specified time, or indefinitely.

Do not gamble against the government, or use your future as poker chips. It is a game you will lose, as the odds are always in favor of the house (the government).

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