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Fees, Discounts & Loyalty Program

Visa Services International has a fee schedule to fit your budget.

Are we the cheapest service in the industry? No, but cheaper is not necessarily better…you get what you pay for. But at Visa services International, you get more “bang for your buck”, in that we offer more than other agencies or law firms.

For starters, we have maintained a 100% success rate since 2004, something very few (if any) competitors can honestly claim; we also offer much broader operating hours than any other service or firm, operating from 7am – 10pm, Central Standard Time; we have a customer loyalty program which offers our clients an opportunity to actually make money by referring others to our service. Most of all, at the helm of Visa Services International is a former K1 petitioner, and K1 beneficiary, so we know what you are feeling, and what you’re going through; therefore, we offer that special touch not found in any other agency or firm.

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Fees for the K1 fiancé visa service, CR1 & IR1 spouse visa service, AOS (adjustment of status) service petitions, ROC (removal of conditions) and naturalization start at a mere $400.00

Our customer loyalty program is quite simple: Any current or former client, who refers someone to our company, will receive $20, upon being hired by the referred client. That is our way of saying thanks for helping our business grow.

As you know, the US immigration system has multiple steps that a new immigrant must take, over time, before becoming a US citizen. If you become a return client, we offer progressive discounts on our services.

A new addition to our line of services is the K1 fiancé visa consultation & review (for K1 only)

Any immigration process costs money, sometimes a quite considerable chunk of change. If you are a self-filer, (one who decides to not use an agency or firm), and in an effort to help your budget and ensure your success, we now offer consultation & review of your completed I-129F Petition For Alien fiancé (K1 fiancé visa petition).

Again, this service is for the K1 only at this time.

Simply forward to us your fully completed I-129 F, and a list of the supporting documents that you intend to submit with the petition, and we will review it for accuracy & completeness. Once the review is completed, we will respond with the appropriate feedback, in order for you to make the necessary corrections before filing and possibly getting the dreaded RFE (request for additional evidence); the RFE will, without a doubt, add more time to this already lengthy process, something every petitioner wants to avoid.

Most visa service agencies & firms do not even offer a service like this; and the ones that do, charge upwards of $200.

Our fee for this service is a mere $100, and the turnaround time is 24 hours.

Visa Services International is positioned to be competitive with other providers, and accepts all major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover & American Express). We also accept payments through PayPal, Western Union, check or money order. And once payment for services has been made, there is no delay in beginning the processing of your petition; we go to work immediately on your petition.

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