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International Visa Services

We offer services for the K1 process (fiance visa), CR-1/IR-1 spouse visa, Adjustment of Status (Green Card), Removal of Conditions, Naturalization and assistance in obtaining a CRBA (Consular Report of Birth Abroad) for children born outside the US who have at least one US citizen as their biological parent. See brief descriptions below regarding our services.

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K1 Fiance Visa Service

Our K1 Fiance Visa service, also known as the fiance visa, or simply K1 visa, is the most common and popular. Done by thousands of people every year, this process usually takes several months to complete, and is the fastest way to bring your future wife/husband to the United States legally. Once here, you have 90 days to get married, or your partner is subject to deportation proceedings.

Naturalization, becoming a US ciitizen, is the final step an immigrant will take on their journey. This is a tremendous step, and grants them all of the rights and priveliges that a natural-born US citizen enjoys. This is also the final step in the immigration process, and the person who obtains this is no longer considered an immigrant; they are now a citizen of the United States.

Naturalization Service

The CR1/IR1 process is for bringing your spouse, whom you married overseas, to the United States. This process takes considerably more time and effort, and can take anywhere from 8 months to 1 year to complete.

CR1/IR1 Spouse Visa
Removal of Conditions

Removal of Conditions is final change of status before becoming eligible to apply for naturalization. It removes prior conditions on a permanent resident, and paves the way for the naturalization process,  which can begin approximately 1 year after removal of conditions. This is also called the 10-year green card.

Adjustment of Status, or obtaining a Green Card, is a very big step in the processes we assist with, and is the next step taken after the K1 fiancé visa process & subsequent marriage. This will allow your loved one to remain here in the United States, legally, as they prepare for the next steps: Removal of Conditions & Naturalization (becoming a US citizen). Failure to adjust status can subject your new spouse to deportation proceedings.

AOS (Green Card)
Ready to Get Started?
K1 Fiance Visa Petition Review And Consultation

A new addition to our line of services is the K1 fiancé visa consultation & review (for K1 only)


​Any immigration process costs money, sometimes a quite considerable chunk of change. If you are a self-filer, (one who decides to not use an agency or firm), and in an effort to help your budget and ensure your success, we now offer consultation & review of your completed I-129F Petition for Alien fiancé (K1 fiancé visa petition).

Again, this service is for the K1 ONLY, at this time.

Simply forward your fully completed I-129 F to us, and a list of the supporting documents that you intend to submit with the petition, and we will review it for accuracy & completeness. Once the review is completed, we will respond with the appropriate feedback, in order for you to make the necessary corrections before filing and possibly getting the dreaded RFE (request for additional evidence); the RFE will, without a doubt, add more time to this already lengthy process, something every petitioner wants to avoid.

Most visa service agencies & firms do not even offer a service like this; and the ones that do, charge anywhere from $200, up to $400.

Our fee for the K1 fiancé visa petition review & consultation service is a mere $100, and the turnaround time is 24 hours.

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