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k1 visa, fiance visa, fiance visa service
k1 visa, fiance visa, fiance visa service
k1 visa, fiance visa, fiance visa service
k1 visa service, fiance visa service, k1 visa

About Visa Services International


We are a professional provider of immigration services, specializing in offering the most successful K1 fiance visa service. We have successfully navigated clients through the processes of USCIS, (US Citizenship & Immigration Services), the NVC , (National Visa Center), and US Embassies around the globe, including republics of the former Soviet Union, Central Asia and the Asia-Pacific regions. If you want fast, professional service and positive results, look no further than Visa Services International.

who we are

Visa Services International got its start with the filing of its first K1 fiancé visa petition in 2004. This petition went through all steps & processes from filing to visa issuance in just 16 weeks, a timeline that is unheard of these days. The embassy where this petition was seen was the US Consulate, Alma-Ata (Almaty), Kazakhstan, a former territory of the old Soviet Union.

Soon, it was discovered that the formatting used for the petition, as well as the additional documentation that was submitted with that first petition, worked really well; subsequently, more petitions were filed using the same tactics of thoroughness & front-loading.

As we continued, it was quite apparent that these petitions were being prepared in such a way, that our clients were getting consistent approvals, not only in the form of NOA 2 from USCIS, but getting approvals at the US Embassies abroad, and the 100% approval rating began to move us forward on a larger scale.

As the years passed, more & more people came to Visa Services International for their fiancé visa service, (K1 & K2), spouse visa service, (CR1/2 & IR1/2), and adjustment of status (AOS). We even started helping people get through their removal of conditions, (ROC), and obtaining naturalization. Our client base is as varied as the cultures of the world, with client beneficiaries coming from places such as Jordan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Philippines, Thailand, Germany, Africa, and numerous other parts of Asia, Middle East, Russia & former Soviet territories.

More clients came to us for services, and we started handling cases which had previously failed (been denied), as a result of poor petition preparation by lawyers & other visa agencies. These types of petitions garner added scrutiny, not only by USCIS, but by the US Consular Officials abroad. Some clients came to us after paying for “professional” immigration lawyers, only to see no action being taken on their petitions for month’s on-end. All of these clients have now successfully finished their processes with the help of Visa Services International, and many are on their way to the final step: naturalization.

Today, 14 years after filing that first petition, we have helped literally thousands of people through their various immigration processes, and have continued to strive for, and maintain, that coveted 100% approval rate. Our proven format for petition preparation has stood the test of time, and is “user friendly” to any USCIS intake official, meaning that we prepare these in such a way that any USCIS officer can easily verify accuracy & completeness, allowing the petition to move forward with ease.

We offer fast turnarounds on all petitions, which will ultimately cut time off of the process. We also offer expedited processing on time-sensitive cases, such as those nearing the end of the 2 year window for K1 fiancé visas. We also do not limit our availability to a 40 hour week like other agencies or law firms, and are available 7 days a week, 10am – 1am, Eastern Standard Time. So, if you want an agency that will give you what you want & need, and see that approval notice arrive in your mailbox, you need look no further than Visa Services International.

Call us today, and take the first step in achieving your dreams, goals & future!

1 (800) 376-1626

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