If you are seeking unparalleled, professional K1 Fiancé Visa Service, CR1/IR1 Spouse Visa Service, or Adjustment of Status process service, then look no further.

Visa Services International is, quite simply, the absolute best in the business. And when your future is hanging in the balance, you need only the best.

Regardless of your needs, we can handle it!

With a proven track record and an unparalleled success rate in all arenas of the US immigration system, let Visa Services International be the ones who give you what you need: Positive results!


In business since 2004, Visa Services International boasts the highest success rate in the field, especially with the K1 Fiancé Visa service, where we have maintained a consistent 100% success rate since its inception. We have successfully handled K1 fiance visa & CR1 spouse visa clients from all over the globe, including Asia, Central Asia, FSU (former Soviet Union), Middle East & African nations. If you want fast, professional service and positive results, look no further than Visa Services International.

  • K-1 Petitions (K1fiancé visa)

  • CR-1/IR-1 (spouse visa) 

  • AOS (Adjustment of Status); [Green Card]​  

  • ROC (Removal of Conditions) 

  • Naturalization (US Citizenship) 

  • NEW: K1 Petition Review & Consultation Service 

$325.00 USD

$325.00 USD

$400.00 USD

$325.00 USD

$325.00 USD

$100.00 USD


We know firsthand that the process of bringing a loved one from another country is a tedious, stressful and emotional process. We know because we have been through this as well.


Whether it's the K1 fiancé visa service, or the CR1/IR1 spouse visa service, you will get that personal touch not found in other providers. We know what you're going through...we know what you're feeling...and we are here to make this as fast and easy as possible.


Our goal is your goal: to bring your loved one home. And we will make this process go forward with ease.

Contact us today to get the process started!



All we ask of you is to be completely honest in your correspondence with us and in your answers on the various government forms we will submit. Although we cannot guarantee your case will be approved by USCIS or a US Consulate, if your answers to their questions are genuine, and have a valid relationship, there is no reason that your case would be denied.


Once your payment has been received, and we receive the necessary information from you, your petition/packet will usually be ready for filing within 2 weeks.

Please note the Visa Services International is not a law firm or legal service. Once our standard questionnaire has been sent to you after receiving your payment, no refunds will be given for any reason.

Visa Services International

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